Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February photo update!

I know, it's been ages since I updated and I have this whole bunch of random photos accumulated in my "Blog" folder with no idea where to start, so I decided to do it chronologically.

The above two photos are from ages ago, when I went to Harajuku with Yurie in autumn (and when it was warm enough to walk around in a cardigan and non-boot shoes. And these are my poodle earrings from ASOS lolololololololollll.

Next, we have purikura I took with Mihail when we had to go to Sakai for a class excursion that we obviously weren't doing properly. We did everything but the actual task itself.

Went to Daikanyama with Mai, Neil and Kazuma to visit Maya's workplace and she gave us free burgers and drinks~~~ After that, we went to Shimokitazawa to shop and idek why we actually went there on a random weekday.

Found Mr Bean on Tokyo!!! (otw to Shimokitazawa)

Shin-Okubo for Korean yakiniku a few days after Kazuma's birthday party for Rei's impromptu surprise birthday party! Also met Yurie for all-night karaoke after that~~~

Rei's birthday card~ (him getting bitten by a girl)

Global House Ball!!! It was a White Party hence the overwhelming white attire.

Lantern Yurie and I had to make and decorate for 3WD Ball decorations on our last night together... (Yes, 3WD Ball is coming up.)

And us commemorating our last night together...

What 205 looked like before I moved out...

And my new room!!! Here's to 10 months with Mai- the best roomie I could ask for. We're gonna be the most chaotic room, hence our exile to the end of the corridor. (Yes, in case you can't already tell, I've changed rooms.)

I leave you with a random photo of Yurie, Palty/Parthe/Parute and I doing masks in the old 205 some weeks ago.


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