Thursday, March 21, 2013

iPhone 5, selcas, and some updates

I actually named this post "Random Update 2" but changed it because that's basically the title for every post. Also finally added a "random update" tag for this blog.

It actually has been AAAAGES since I've selca-ed properly. Main reason for that would be the lousy Pantone I was saddled with 6 months ago, which has the worst front and back camera (no flash- seriously?). Incidentally, it was overusage of said camera (spamming photos at the CREAM event) that led to the breakdown of that phone.

As such, I now have an iPhone 5!!! Yes yes yes, I know 5S or 6 is slated to be released in a few months, but I couldn't take it any more. Aaahhh- how I've missed Apple and the awesome camera (better, actually, than my previous iPhone).

What better way to celebrate a new phone with an awesome front AND back camera than by taking hundred of selcas? I actually didn't have the opportunity to for a few days after getting the phone because I didn't really go anywhere that warranted me putting on nice enough makeup to selca in.

But I got asked to appear in a parody video for something (on a verrrrry early morning), so I had to wake up and put on proper makeup worthy of the camera. So gave me the awesome chance to test out my new selca-machine/phone. Incidentally, it's HyunA-inspired makeup. Refer to top photo for details.

Also have some selca from the trusty MacBook Photobooth.

And this is from my phone (front camera)- the plum blossoms on bakayama.

Speaking of makeup (not really), I did Alyssa's hair and makeup again recently!

And we had the official 打ち上げ (afterparty) for our 3WD ball.

Tis be the awesome strawberry I ate.

Some guutara,

and Omoshiroi Koibito they gave me. Some might think it looks/sounds familiar- that's because it's an Osakan parody of a really famous Hokkaido-produced white chocolate sandwich biscuit called Shiroi Koibito. Koibito is lover, and shiroi is white, referring to the chocolate. Omoshiroi, on the other hand, means funny/interesting. Infer.

Stew nabe at 2MD. As usual.

Fried rice I made myself this time without any help or carrots.

And the last of my previous batch of curry.

Anyway, it's finally spring break, and I can live with no awareness of time now. Watch dramas for however long I want, eat when I get hungry, sleep when sleepy, etc. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WAKE UP FOR (at least for 3 weeks)!!! .....Except my part-time jobs! Yes, you read that right, 1. I am working and 2. PLURAL JOBS!!!

I didn't blog about this because it seems like every time I blog about a tutoring job I'm about to get, I lose it. Hopefully I don't lose either of these cos I just started both. One's English conversation with a businessman, and one's tutoring a primary school boy in math. And get this- I don't have to leave the campus for either! The businessman comes to ICU, and the math tutoring is via Skype~~~~~ Dear God, please let me keep these jobs, I need the ¥¥¥.

Aite, that's about it for this random update. I'm looking at that picture of curry as I type this and I'm really hungry, and I was supposed to make curry 2 hours ago...

Oh wait, how could I forget?

Leaving you with a disgusting, bloody picture of my wounds from when I FELL OFF MY BIKE AGAIN. And when I soaked in the hot bath, I realised I had a lot more open wounds than I was focusing on. And bruises.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random nutshell update

Spring is a-coming! Behold the beautiful blossoming buds (and awesome alliteration) against the clear, cloudless sky. Something about spring evokes my poetic side. Not.

Theme 1: friends. The usual suspects went out to play one weekend, complete with brunch, bowling, nabe dinner and movies (+ essay-writing) till late. Of course, Neil picks up a discarded cabinet on the way home, and Ale somehow tows it home on his bike.

This be Alyssa bowling, grandma-style. I shouldn't be talking, considering I flung the ball backwards at my friends when I was trying to gain momentum. After the first round, we decided we needed the bumpers.

And this is Rei, some time back, pulling a bike stunt with my phone's spectacular camera capturing the epic scene in full clarity. No filter.

Theme 2: Room neatness. This was 201. As I write this now, the room looks like an even worse tornado hit again. Thrice. And Mai just cleaned up a few days ago.

Incidentally, this was 205- how Yurie and I kept our clothes (not even dirty laundry).

Theme 3: FOOD!!! Sweet and Sour Prawns, or as the Japanese call it- Ebi Chili.

Fried rice I decided I wanted to make and asked Yurie for help with, only to end up having her make the whole thing. And yes, those are carrots *GASP*.

Apple Curry I made all by myself! Yes, with carrots.

Let's not forget this awesome chocolate mousse I made with no recipe, topped with hand-whipped cinnamon cream and impromptu decorating. It was apparently amazing delicious, but I wouldn't know because I don't like chocolate.

Thassall, folks. My random updates are saturating this blog lately so much that I'm considering dedicating a tag to it.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

CREAM album debut live #生CREAM

I've previously raved about online music sensation CREAM, and how I went for their live. Well, I went again! This time, it was their big album debut party.

Previously, when I'd first blogged about them, they hadn't officially debuted into the offline music industry yet. Since then, they've released several rental albums (not for sale), digital EPs, and a single. Finally, on the 27th of February, they launched their first ever full album onto the charts, "DREAMIN'".

Before the event, I had another appointment in Shinjuku, so when I arrived in Shibuya straight after that, I still had to wait for a few hours for Kanako. This is the view from the famous Starbucks above the Shibuya scramble crossing.

Kanako arrived, we religiously took purikura, and headed to the venue.

There were many famous DJs playing at the event, like ILMARI, m-flo's Taku Takahashi, and of course CREAM's regular DJ, Lucas Valentine (my personal favourite).

When Kanako and I first arrived, CREAM just ended their first performance, but fortunately they still had a second one later on. We pushed our way to the front again, and had the best spot right in the middle.

The live was AWESOME. They sang my absolute favourite song ever, Goodbye (which I embedded in my previous post about them), as well as Whatever, their new single Shooting Star, and a whole bunch of new original songs from their album.

This is Shooting Star, their debut single. I was shopping in Shibuya the other day, and I saw their album-promotion truck driving around many times! I also heard Shooting Star being played in many places. I'm so excited for CREAM and how they've risen from YouTube to #1 on iTunes charts!!! Their album release also means that I can possibly finally sing their songs at karaoke, which I've been wanting to forever!!!!!!!!!

And so, I leave you with selcas of Kanako and I queuing to enter the venue doing the CREAM hand sign.



Monday, March 4, 2013

3WD Ball after-party

Because I was kinda (supposed to be) working during the ball itself, or was too busy having fun, I don't actually have any photos from the ongoings of the ball. I do, however, have some from the after-party.

The only photo taken during the ball on this blog- Yurie and I! My rainbow sweater looks awesome in the blacklight.


My unintentional matching colour-coordination with Kotoko.

And I leave you with a selca. It's been a long time since I've had iPhone selcas on this blog, or in general at all.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Shibs with Stooges before Spring Break

Check out my awesome sibilance in the post title.

As the title suggests, the 3 of us went shopping in Shibuya as our second ever outing out of Musashisakai (just us 3, at least), and also as the last one before next term, because Alyssa's going back to America for spring break.

Refer to full-body above for my clad-for-spring-temperature OOTD: Leopard crop sweater-thing, rainbow denim cutoffs, moss green tights, black creepers, oversized denim jacket, and Aimi bag (not pictured).

I present you with stoogey puri!

And also roomie puri! First ever with Mai.

And the evening view of Shibuya from the top floor of 109.

So I actually went there intending to get 2 specific items from 109, but came back with neither, and instead had a whole lot of other clothes. Usually I take haul pictures, but I was kinda lazy and tired so I didn't... but basically, I got stuff on insane sale/from cheap places so I got quite a lot. It's safe to say I'm pretty satisfied, although not yet equipped with a full spring wardrobe. Fortunately, my parents will be coming here in a few weeks to help me solve that.

I also went to Shibuya intending to get a new phone because my current one has been giving me insane problems, but... yeah. Too troublesome to explain but it was basically too troublesome. Yeah.

That's basically it, and I need to think about how to settle my phone stuff soon. Will prolly procrastinate because I still have one more exam to focus on. After that, I swear I will pack and clean my room and settle my phone. And cook.