Thursday, March 7, 2013

CREAM album debut live #生CREAM

I've previously raved about online music sensation CREAM, and how I went for their live. Well, I went again! This time, it was their big album debut party.

Previously, when I'd first blogged about them, they hadn't officially debuted into the offline music industry yet. Since then, they've released several rental albums (not for sale), digital EPs, and a single. Finally, on the 27th of February, they launched their first ever full album onto the charts, "DREAMIN'".

Before the event, I had another appointment in Shinjuku, so when I arrived in Shibuya straight after that, I still had to wait for a few hours for Kanako. This is the view from the famous Starbucks above the Shibuya scramble crossing.

Kanako arrived, we religiously took purikura, and headed to the venue.

There were many famous DJs playing at the event, like ILMARI, m-flo's Taku Takahashi, and of course CREAM's regular DJ, Lucas Valentine (my personal favourite).

When Kanako and I first arrived, CREAM just ended their first performance, but fortunately they still had a second one later on. We pushed our way to the front again, and had the best spot right in the middle.

The live was AWESOME. They sang my absolute favourite song ever, Goodbye (which I embedded in my previous post about them), as well as Whatever, their new single Shooting Star, and a whole bunch of new original songs from their album.

This is Shooting Star, their debut single. I was shopping in Shibuya the other day, and I saw their album-promotion truck driving around many times! I also heard Shooting Star being played in many places. I'm so excited for CREAM and how they've risen from YouTube to #1 on iTunes charts!!! Their album release also means that I can possibly finally sing their songs at karaoke, which I've been wanting to forever!!!!!!!!!

And so, I leave you with selcas of Kanako and I queuing to enter the venue doing the CREAM hand sign.



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