Thursday, March 21, 2013

iPhone 5, selcas, and some updates

I actually named this post "Random Update 2" but changed it because that's basically the title for every post. Also finally added a "random update" tag for this blog.

It actually has been AAAAGES since I've selca-ed properly. Main reason for that would be the lousy Pantone I was saddled with 6 months ago, which has the worst front and back camera (no flash- seriously?). Incidentally, it was overusage of said camera (spamming photos at the CREAM event) that led to the breakdown of that phone.

As such, I now have an iPhone 5!!! Yes yes yes, I know 5S or 6 is slated to be released in a few months, but I couldn't take it any more. Aaahhh- how I've missed Apple and the awesome camera (better, actually, than my previous iPhone).

What better way to celebrate a new phone with an awesome front AND back camera than by taking hundred of selcas? I actually didn't have the opportunity to for a few days after getting the phone because I didn't really go anywhere that warranted me putting on nice enough makeup to selca in.

But I got asked to appear in a parody video for something (on a verrrrry early morning), so I had to wake up and put on proper makeup worthy of the camera. So gave me the awesome chance to test out my new selca-machine/phone. Incidentally, it's HyunA-inspired makeup. Refer to top photo for details.

Also have some selca from the trusty MacBook Photobooth.

And this is from my phone (front camera)- the plum blossoms on bakayama.

Speaking of makeup (not really), I did Alyssa's hair and makeup again recently!

And we had the official 打ち上げ (afterparty) for our 3WD ball.

Tis be the awesome strawberry I ate.

Some guutara,

and Omoshiroi Koibito they gave me. Some might think it looks/sounds familiar- that's because it's an Osakan parody of a really famous Hokkaido-produced white chocolate sandwich biscuit called Shiroi Koibito. Koibito is lover, and shiroi is white, referring to the chocolate. Omoshiroi, on the other hand, means funny/interesting. Infer.

Stew nabe at 2MD. As usual.

Fried rice I made myself this time without any help or carrots.

And the last of my previous batch of curry.

Anyway, it's finally spring break, and I can live with no awareness of time now. Watch dramas for however long I want, eat when I get hungry, sleep when sleepy, etc. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WAKE UP FOR (at least for 3 weeks)!!! .....Except my part-time jobs! Yes, you read that right, 1. I am working and 2. PLURAL JOBS!!!

I didn't blog about this because it seems like every time I blog about a tutoring job I'm about to get, I lose it. Hopefully I don't lose either of these cos I just started both. One's English conversation with a businessman, and one's tutoring a primary school boy in math. And get this- I don't have to leave the campus for either! The businessman comes to ICU, and the math tutoring is via Skype~~~~~ Dear God, please let me keep these jobs, I need the ¥¥¥.

Aite, that's about it for this random update. I'm looking at that picture of curry as I type this and I'm really hungry, and I was supposed to make curry 2 hours ago...

Oh wait, how could I forget?

Leaving you with a disgusting, bloody picture of my wounds from when I FELL OFF MY BIKE AGAIN. And when I soaked in the hot bath, I realised I had a lot more open wounds than I was focusing on. And bruises.


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