Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random nutshell update

Spring is a-coming! Behold the beautiful blossoming buds (and awesome alliteration) against the clear, cloudless sky. Something about spring evokes my poetic side. Not.

Theme 1: friends. The usual suspects went out to play one weekend, complete with brunch, bowling, nabe dinner and movies (+ essay-writing) till late. Of course, Neil picks up a discarded cabinet on the way home, and Ale somehow tows it home on his bike.

This be Alyssa bowling, grandma-style. I shouldn't be talking, considering I flung the ball backwards at my friends when I was trying to gain momentum. After the first round, we decided we needed the bumpers.

And this is Rei, some time back, pulling a bike stunt with my phone's spectacular camera capturing the epic scene in full clarity. No filter.

Theme 2: Room neatness. This was 201. As I write this now, the room looks like an even worse tornado hit again. Thrice. And Mai just cleaned up a few days ago.

Incidentally, this was 205- how Yurie and I kept our clothes (not even dirty laundry).

Theme 3: FOOD!!! Sweet and Sour Prawns, or as the Japanese call it- Ebi Chili.

Fried rice I decided I wanted to make and asked Yurie for help with, only to end up having her make the whole thing. And yes, those are carrots *GASP*.

Apple Curry I made all by myself! Yes, with carrots.

Let's not forget this awesome chocolate mousse I made with no recipe, topped with hand-whipped cinnamon cream and impromptu decorating. It was apparently amazing delicious, but I wouldn't know because I don't like chocolate.

Thassall, folks. My random updates are saturating this blog lately so much that I'm considering dedicating a tag to it.


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