Friday, March 1, 2013

Shibs with Stooges before Spring Break

Check out my awesome sibilance in the post title.

As the title suggests, the 3 of us went shopping in Shibuya as our second ever outing out of Musashisakai (just us 3, at least), and also as the last one before next term, because Alyssa's going back to America for spring break.

Refer to full-body above for my clad-for-spring-temperature OOTD: Leopard crop sweater-thing, rainbow denim cutoffs, moss green tights, black creepers, oversized denim jacket, and Aimi bag (not pictured).

I present you with stoogey puri!

And also roomie puri! First ever with Mai.

And the evening view of Shibuya from the top floor of 109.

So I actually went there intending to get 2 specific items from 109, but came back with neither, and instead had a whole lot of other clothes. Usually I take haul pictures, but I was kinda lazy and tired so I didn't... but basically, I got stuff on insane sale/from cheap places so I got quite a lot. It's safe to say I'm pretty satisfied, although not yet equipped with a full spring wardrobe. Fortunately, my parents will be coming here in a few weeks to help me solve that.

I also went to Shibuya intending to get a new phone because my current one has been giving me insane problems, but... yeah. Too troublesome to explain but it was basically too troublesome. Yeah.

That's basically it, and I need to think about how to settle my phone stuff soon. Will prolly procrastinate because I still have one more exam to focus on. After that, I swear I will pack and clean my room and settle my phone. And cook.


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