Monday, April 8, 2013

プリクラ and other things

Yes, it's a random update. First up- purikura!

These are from when Mai and I went to Kichijoji to shop~


Yes, those are a slipper and a boot on his head.

Next we have food- my first time at Gusto, with Mai in Kichijoji.

And then throw-anything-you-can-think-of-in-even-if-it-doesn't-go-together takoyaki.

Finally, we have the messiness-of-the-room update (the sign on the door says entrance prohibited).


And one week later. Yeah. Ide either. I cleaned up once and finally folded my month-old clean laundry, and finally aired my futon and washed/changed my sheets.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Sakura 櫻

Sakura have blossomed, a week early, and they're about to disappear soon. ICU has hundreds of Sakura trees, and the campus is really breathtaking in this season. Coming from someone who hates nature.

These photos are from the first bloom, over a week ago.

And these are from this week, with all the petals shedding. I took these photos while riding my bike at high speed, hence the blurriness. I was literally riding through a Sakura petal storm, and it was SO PRETTY, so I had to take pictures. And a video.

Too bad Sakura are so transient and they're all gonna disappear soon.