Tuesday, May 14, 2013

17s have come!

Their initiation this year was crayon-themed, so this is them. (Remember mine?)

Going to classes as 白塗りクレヨンww

Lunch on bakayama as 白塗りクレヨン

And me trying on the crayon!!!

Karaoke with ours and Canada House's 17s.

Dinner with some of the 17s at Mai's restaurant~

And this is Momoko (after the bakayama performance- her last time in 白塗り), also known as ・・ (read てんてん). When I first met her at the surprise welcome party on day 1, the first thing she said to me was "I read your blog!!!" and I thought my 騙し as 塚本ゆうこ was over right off the bat. But they actually believed me for a few more days. I also had the dorm give me an official nickname along with the 17s, so I am now 成志, read as なるしー (for ナルシスト), so some of them were asking if they should call me Yuuko or Narushi lmao.

More Momoko,

And more Momoko.

As well as Kyoka, also known as 1:9 (read いっきゅう)!!! I taught her how to do my 1~7 自撮り secrets lol.

I love the 17s, they're so cute! I'm so glad 3WD got 17s I can get along with, especially since I'm gonna be living with them for another 3 years. It's so funny how 2 terms ago, it was me reading Rei's blog and then actually meeting him and becoming friends with him, but now it's my blog being read by juniors (and future juniors) and them meeting me and becoming friends with me. And now the girl who read my blog is on my blog!



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