Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hair, Food, mishmash update

Some might have noticed it in the previous post already, but I actually dyed my hair a semi-dark ash brown. Unfortunately, because I bleached my hair before, the darkish brown faded really quickly and before I knew it, I'm back to blonde (I first noticed when several people referred to me as "the blonde girl" within one week, including my teacher). Unfortunately, the unbleached roots did not fade and are still dark brown, so my hair looks like a mess, as usual.

More of us at one of the dorm's dinner parties right after I dyed my hair.

Me on bakayama during my 女子力高い phase when I made bento really often (mainly because I paid a lot for that bento box).

Us doing nabe (hotpot) in gakki and getting away with nobody kicking us out!!!

More fried rice.

Some peppered potato and chicken dish I whipped up.

3WD 16 picnic on bakayama.

And my new method of keeping my daily contacts.

以上で、random updateでしたー


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