Friday, June 28, 2013

13セプテン Graduation

Today was the 13 Septens' graduation ceremony, and I went to present Yurie's graduation bouquet. :')

I can't believe so many people I know are graduating, or rather, I can't believe I know so many people who are graduating. Yurie was my first roommate here and my mother figure in Japan, and she's gonna be gone from 3WD and ICU tomorrow. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) At least she's coming to Singapore to play next month! ゆりえ様、卒業おめでとうございます!!!

We also have Rei, whose blog I referred to for ICU info before I even applied here. Never did I imagine that I'd actually meet that guy, let alone have him become part of my life here. And he successfully grew out his hair and graduated with a ponytail. Reiもおめでとうございます!!!

Of course there were millions of other people I knew graduating, but I didn't get photos with all of them, or if I did, they weren't taken with my phone so I don't have the photos... Either way, congratulations to all who graduated today!!! I guess I'm happy for everyone but sad that we won't get to meet as much anymore...


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