Friday, July 12, 2013

FujiQ with Mai; Mai's birthday

Some time back (or a really long time back), Mai and I went to Fuji-Q Highlands when we had a day off from school. We'd actually been planning this since last year, and were supposed to go with our 2男 guys, but everyone couldn't make it and Mai and I couldn't wait any longer, so we went.

Scenery from the bus on the way there.

Mount Fuji from the queue for FUJIYAMA (the longest rollercoaster there).

The park (the big coaster in the middle is Eejanaika, the coaster with the most turns).

The inside of FUJIYAMA.

Nagashimasuka, the water ride Mai dragged me onto.

After Nagashimasuka.

It just so happened that the next day was Mai's birthday, so she wanted to hang out on bakayama that night. We got back really late thanks to traffic otw back, but I wanted to bake her a cake before midnight, so I discreetly got the ingredients and delayed my appearance at bakayama. I literally took the cake out of the oven at 11:54pm and ran to bakayama with a burning hot cheesecake that I didn't even end up eating 'cos I hate cheese. The surprise was successful, and the cheesecake was (apparently) delicious.

We had many plans for Mai's birthday itself, but we were all too tired from the day and night before so we ended up canceling it all and just going to Spice House for her birthday dinner.

And that's the story of Mai's birthday! This post is over a month late, but happy belated birthday Mai~!


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