Monday, July 8, 2013

Random update time!!!

It was Kanako's birthday recently so we all went to Roppongi to celebrate! It became somewhat of an 16Septen会 after that and (some of us) celebrated the end of finals and freshman year in general.

Photos from the evening.

After that, we went for all-night karaoke and had an amazing view~

And some time back, we had the first and last 3女肉の日 of the school year...?

It's all-you-can-eat so we were pretty satisfied. The stack of cups would be the ice cream we (mainly me) ate.

And finally, how could it be a random update post without random foods I made. Mai got a package from America with Horlicks packs in it, so I used it to make us Malt Shakes a la EWF (yes, I still remember the recipe from when I worked there over a year ago).

And 辛ラーメン-flavoured fried chicken!!! Original recipe and super duper delicious.


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