Monday, July 1, 2013


The heat, the humidity, the English so bad it makes my ears bleed. Yep, you guessed it- I'm in Singapore right now. I won't say I'm "back" or "home" because for me, at least for the next 3 years, Tokyo is my home. Sure, the apartment I'm sitting in is my home, but Singapore will never be "home" to me again (if it ever remotely was). This feels like a month-long holiday to Singapore, culminating in me eventually going home to Mitaka. I've become so used to the tempo of my life in Japan that it's almost uncomfortable being here.

I've moved out of 3女 for the next 2 months- sad. As I type this I'm wearing my 3女 sweatpants, missing 3女 life. Things I already miss: my futon, my bike, my speaker+subwoofer set, my roommate, the weather, the campus.

Anyway, everyone had to clear and clean to prepare for the dorm closing. Moth balls, dehumidifiers, sealing of stuff, newspapering my shelves, clearing of 4-month-old garbage, clearing of the room in general etc. This is prolly the cleanest 201 has ever been since before we even moved in.

And then my room in Singapore! I'm actually not living in my room right now because the air-con, which has been broken for about 10 years now, still has not been fixed and I simply cannot live in this humidity. At least the haze has gotten a lot better, though.

THE AIR-CON. Yes, I'm sleeping in the computer room.

My personal bathroom- no more communal showers/baths for a month.

Living room with clean floors- ahh, it's been so long since I've been barefoot on clean floors.

And a peek into the kitchen.

Today marks day 1 of Singapore and I'm already bored. Tomorrow onwards, however, I have plans everyday. I wanted to go to JUMBO for Black Pepper Crab today but my parents aren't being cooperative. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) What did I come back for, if not BPC?!!??!?!

That's about all I wanted to say, I guess. Just an update that I'm out of the country for a month and socially handicapped until I get my SIM card renewed- the old one stopped working 'cos I haven't used it in 10 months, and also because it's like 5 years old. And my dad washed it in the sink. LINE, tweet or FB message me to get me.


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