Friday, July 26, 2013

What I did in Singapore

I was actually planning to write and post this while I was in Singapore as a live update like "What I'm doing in Singapore now!" or something, but I'm back in Tokyo already.

I went back at the beginning of July and was planning to stay until the end of July (like literally 1st~31st July), but due to circumstances, I ended up coming back to Tokyo 2 weeks early. I had fun, but I'm glad I came back early because I can only do so many things in Singapore, you know. This post is about what I could do in Singapore- starting with day 2: shopping with T!

Went to Bugis to take purikura and get Taimei but 1. purikura shop closed down and 2. forgot what I used to drink at Taimei and got the wrong thing. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Also got 3 new piercings (2 on the right, 1 on the left)!

Then, Yurie and Parute came to Singapore to play~ and I saw the Merlion for the first time in my life.

仁義 pose next to the Merlion.

Went to USS (仁義 pose with some random walking attraction there).

More USS. Honestly, the Battlestar Galactica ride (the only proper rollercoaster), which I used to love, was really slow and rattly. I guess I'm too used to the quality of FujiQ to appreciate anything else.

Did their makeup for a night out in Singapore.

Brought them to EWF, abused my still-effective staff card.

And then they left, and I met my S4L for dinner, also at EWF.

And F4TW too.

Ate lots of good food there, so much that I'm dedicating a whole separate post to it later haha. But in the end, I'm glad to be back in Tokyo because there's no place like home (here).


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