Thursday, August 15, 2013

第三女子寮 3rd Women's Dorm

I always said I was going to do this post, especially since there is a lack of 3女 information on the internet for prospective 入寮生, but this isn't the post I imagined I was going to make about it. I imagined photos of the front of 3女, the social room, the rooms and how the dorm is run etc. Well, I do have photos of the rooms but I highly doubt it's going to up the appeal of 3女.

So to start off on a lighter note, here's the 3女 sweatpants we got recently (ok not really)!!! At the first and last 3女 karaoke of spring term.

So I really have nothing but photos of my room to show for this post. What I really wanted to see before applying to dorms last year was what the rooms were like. I found photos of 4WD and 2WD rooms online, and comparing that to the room layout graphs in the dorm introduction booklet, I could surmise that 3女 rooms were pretty small, and expected that. It turned out small, yes, but surprisingly very livable in. I never actually find myself thinking the rooms are too small, although in my and Mai's case, we have too much garbage on the floor and too little space to walk around in- not the fault of the room size, though.

Above is a room layout sketch we had to make for the 3女 booklet some time back. I'd just like to emphasize that it is a scaled, precise drawing. I included every single piece of garbage that was in the room at that time.

So, time for real photos of the room! Over the past 10 months, I've posted many photos documenting the mess that is whichever room I live in. I must note, however, that Mai and I live in 201, the corner room, and corner rooms are about a foot wider than regular rooms (201, 210, 301, 310). So what you see here, 201, is a slight (hardly noticeable) bit larger than the average room. Pictured above is what 201 usually looks like, but don't worry, depending on the resident of the room, furniture arrangement and mess varies.

What my table generally looks like. (I don't actually use it for anything apart from storage, and my chair serves as a clothes rack.)

What Mai's closet looks like.

What our room looked like before we decided we needed to clean up (and also because summer break was gonna start and we had to move out).

In the midst of cleanup (yes, Mai is sniffing a jacket that was on the floor to see if it was clean).

And FINALLY, the cleanest the room has been since we moved in. We look like we have a rug, but it's actually a blanket that I have to return to the bedding company. I put that down because the floor was way too dirty to walk on and we didn't feel like vacuuming or mopping.

And 12 hours after we cleaned up, it became this.

But after a few more days, we HAD to clean up properly to move out. And THIS would be the cleanest our room has been EVER. Like since before we moved in or something. Except we didn't vacuum so the floor's still disgusting.

My juice carton collection outside our room in the corridor. This is only less than half of what I didn't clear and left unwashed for up to 4 months. It grew moldy and unrecyclable and I had to clear it all right before I moved out.

Although my room might not be the best advertisement for 3女, it actually is a really great place and has become my home. I never wanna graduate or leave 3女. Ever.


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