Saturday, August 3, 2013


I know one of my recent posts was about going to FujiQ with Mai, but exactly 1 month and 1 day after that, I found myself there again. At 2am that morning, Yurie and パルテ came to my room and asked if I wanted to go because someone backed out and they bought the tickets already. So I said I'd go, and they told me to dress entirely in pink.

FYI, the two rangers in the photo above are our friends, not FujiQ staff. Yep, we went as rangers.

Takabisha, the coaster with the steepest drop (121º).

Yes, we're friends with them. They're from 2男, of course.

Pink and Green.



The Haunted Hospital, one of the longest haunted attraction routes (900m) in the world...? Yurie and I refused to go in, and went on Dodonpa instead.

The inside of Dodonpa, the faster coaster there.

Tondemina, essentially a giant swiveling swing.

More ranger shots of us before we left. We were stopped by visitors all day long for photos (mainly Red and Yellow). Some people thought Red and Yellow were the real deal (as in staff at FujiQ, not real rangers).

I didn't get to ride as many attractions as the last time I went, despite being there for the longer time than before. I guess we were stopped too many times and spent a lot of time wandering around, whereas when it was only Mai and I, we beelined for the rides we wanted and never stopped for anything (we ate while queueing). I did, however, get to ride Dodonpa (my favourite) twice, to make up for my not riding FUJIYAMA or Eejanaika, and I didn't get to ride Tondemina previously so it was satisfying enough.

Either way, it was really fun and I'll definitely go back again~


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