Thursday, August 29, 2013


Actually pretty sure everybody knows this by now already, but... I love makeup. Well, to be more specific, I love putting makeup on myself. My friends often tell me I should be a makeup artist but frankly, I'm not entirely keen on the idea of making other people look good- I'm really only interested in making myself look better, (excuse me for a moment while I whip out some hashtags that really have no place on this platform;) sorry #notsorry #hardtruth. Many girls out there agree with me- I'm just the only one who cares little enough to bluntly admit it.

But over the past year, living in a girls' dorm with like 36 other females, I have been unable to escape doing other people's makeup, and I actually enjoyed it those few times. Sometimes I even did it out of my own will (to experiment on different eye shapes etc. or just because the person doesn't usually wear that kind of makeup if any at all). So here's a documentation of a few of my projects over the past year (that I have visual records of). Most of these photos have already been on my blog at least once before, but this is a collective so enjoy.

I think this might actually have been the first time I put makeup on anyone besides my mom, and Mai's eye shape is so drastically different from mine that I didn't know what to do. I picked up makeup skills specifically to make myself look better, so my techniques are all catered to my facial parts and nobody else's- one of the main reasons I could never be a makeup artist. I also dressed and accessorised her to make her the sweet little princess she really totally isn't. That's Alyssa's dress.

Speaking of Alyssa, probably the second person I've ever put makeup on and the only caucasian (that I probably ever will, too). It's not the one pictured 'cos I've done her makeup a few times but I never really took pictures. She usually asks for really natural makeup, so here it is.

And then 1:9 and the other 17s came into the dorm. I think I've done makeup for half of the 17 Aprils so far, and it's only been a term. This is another example of boring nights with nothing better to do. I turned her into me.

And Momoko!!! (Photos stolen from her 'cos I didn't take any then) I did her makeup, hair, and styled her for her birthday~~~

Yurie ♡ I think I've done her makeup at least one or two other times besides this one, but this was night-out makeup in Singapore and probably the heaviest makeup she's ever had on ahaha.

Parute/Parthe/Palty (still do not know how I should spell it in English for パルテ), on the same night as Yurie's above in Singapore! She looks a little like Itano Tomomi~ (AKB48, google it.)

Another random night where I was bored and Mai and I happened to be watching a makeup tutorial. She said she liked the makeup and wanted it, so I said I'd do it right then, before she was supposed to go hang out at Canada House (nothing to dress up for). So I did. It doesn't look like in the tutorial (mainly because the person in the video was of a totally different ethnicity and Mai's asian-asian), but it's still a pretty awesome party look.

And finally, fresh from last night, I did Taisho's makeup in the middle of the night because, yes, once again I was bored. Not my first time doing her makeup either, but previously she requested it light and natural because she was going out, but this time I could do whatever I wanted. I also later curled her hair and dressed her up, but she doesn't want those photos publicised so they shall remain private.

Overall, my favourite person to do makeup on is still myself, because I think I do the best transformations on myself than anyone else. After all, I am most familiar with my own face and know every single angle and feature and flaw and how to bring the best out of it, so nobody else can do my makeup better, and I can't do anybody else's makeup as well as my own. It is fun, though, doing makeup on a variety of eye/face shapes, although I notice a very distinct style in the eye makeup I do regardless of shape or size.

But no, I still do not see myself becoming a makeup artist in any near future. Sure, I enjoyed doing all the makeup featured in this post and others, but I mean, what girl wants to make other people look as good as (or even, God forbid, better than) herself anyway? Is that really just me? If you're a girl, I challenge you to dig deep down and tell me you actually don't. Because if you do, you're probably lying. ;)


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