Sunday, September 8, 2013

Best nails ever

I've had gelish nails done in Singapore many times over the past two years, and DIYed them a lot too. In fact, next to food, purikura/selcas and uni/dorm tags, nails are my most blogged about topic.

However, since coming here slightly over a year ago, I hadn't gotten my nails done professionally even once. Until now. Moreover, Japanese nail salons are a lot better than Singapore's, from service to skills and quality. Of course, the price differs in proportion. They also don't use gel polish/gelish, but soft gel- which comes in a tub instead of a polish bottle- which is a lot harder and longer lasting.

So this was actually my first time getting nails done in Japan, and getting soft gel nails. I was also paying quite a bit for it, so I had to choose an awesome, complicated design to make the most of it. And I did! It's actually based off a design from Nail Up September but it was too complicated to be done within 2 hours, so my nailist and I discussed and did an "arrange" based off it, but simpler.

How is it~?


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