Friday, September 13, 2013

New hair! +OOTD

Top: g.u.
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: idk, got it off Runway Channel
Necklace: ASOS

Soooooooo. It's dark.

Here's the story. Yes, there is a story to how I got this hair when I got it. I had two appointments at two hair salons exactly one week apart. The first was a salon in Shibuya to get my hair cut, permed and treated for really cheap. The second was to get my hair dyed medium-brown on the top and a gradient/streaks of hot pink from the bottom up. My dream hair- curly, with locks of pink. I mean, I'd bleached my hair already and since I had to suffer so much damage as consequence, I might as well take advantage of it to the fullest and put some crazy colour in, right?

But no. I got to the salon in Shibs for my perm all excited to never ever have to painstakingly curl my hair ever again, only for them to touch and inspect my hair and asked if I'd bleached it. Well yes, it's blindingly blonde. What's that? Bleached hair CAN'T BE PERMED?!?!?!?!?!? What did I go all the way to Shibs for (besides shopping, I mean)? I had booked my appointment on a perm coupon so I just sat there dumbfounded not knowing how to follow up, speechless. So I ended up telling them to trim my hair anyway, get rid of maximum 3-4cm just to remove split ends, give me bangs, and dye all my hair dark brown.

The reason I decided to go all-brown was because honestly, I had been hesitant to go for my pinkifying appointment. Not because I didn't want pink hair- believe me, I'd have made my whole head pink if it wasn't hell to maintain- but rather because the dye job was estimated to cost over ¥20000 when I asked the salon. I didn't have 20k to throw at them for pink ends that would fade in less than a month, so I caved in and went all dark. It's gonna start fading in awhile anyway because no colour can cling to bleached hair for long, but I'm kinda glad I went dark because I have an important meeting/interview coming up and light hair is frowned upon very ferociously in the working society of Japan (as is my makeup style and nails and fashion in general).

And that is the story of how I ended up with limp, straight, dark brown hair and kinda messed-up bangs that I hate (I don't hate the dark brown that much, only how it's fading to light brown so quickly). The selca pictures make it look like I have gradient purple ends but I assuredly don't- it's just lighting and colour adjustment.

Incidentally, at the point in which I publish this, I've already dyed my hair darker brown a second time within a week after I had it dyed first, because it had faded back to light again before my interview. It's faded again and is now brown where my roots were, and ash-green-blonde where the bleached section is.


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