Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to 3WD!

Ok this was drafted for a very long time and I forgot to post it and it's going up extremely belatedly because I'm already in the middle of midterms and this post is about the term starting OTL... But enjoy.

I came back to 3WD for 早期帰寮 (early return to dorm?) some time back, but everyone else only came back on the 31st, and the new students arrived on the 1st of September!!! Above picture is from their welcome party (much like the one in this post).

I don't have any pictures of the new kids yet, but I'll prolly take some when they start initiation. I can't believe that exactly a year ago it was me sitting there listening to Alyssa- the culture head back then- host and welcome us and explain initiation. This time, it's me in that spot, explaining stuff and hosting events for newcomers... and I just realised I forgot to write my first year reflection.

Our dorm president at the welcome party, looking like a gangsta.

1:9 dead asleep waiting to get ready for the surprise party.

Dorm prez's belly-button.

And 3WD cat + kitten outside our social room!!!



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